Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

This has been a very UNeventful Halloween thus far! I am off today, have all my Trick or Treats ready to go, and have nothing else to do to prepare! So, here are a bunch of projects I cooked up for today!
Halloween Frap Bottle 4-Pack

Trick or Treat Candy Bar Sleeves:

Candy Corn Bottle:

Stamps used are Purple Onion Designs, Stampin' UP!, & Michael's $1.00.
Staz On Jet Black Ink, Various ribbon scraps, and my fabulous Uni Ball Signo White Gel Pen!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Happy Birthday, Buzz!

Yesterday was my baby boy's 11th birthday! He was born at 7:42 pm, a day I will never forget. Where does the time go? I can't believe how grown up he has become! We had family and friends over for homemade pizza and birthday cake made by yours truly! It was a fun evening. Happy Birthday, Baby Boy!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

11 pointer!

The hunter has succeeded! I hope no one is grossed out by the pic, but I couldn't resist posting it here! Please don't post any disapproval comments-- that being said, here's what happened! DH and DS decided to go hunting out back on Sunday afternoon. We have 15 acres, complete with a closed in tree stand. After sitting for about 45 minutes, he came into view. DS was reading a book, but stopped long enough to look for horns! (I have a rule about not shooting does or young deer that DH abides by! ) DH shot, but it hit low, and the deer bolted. After much searching in the pouring down rain, it finally turned dark, and they had to quit. The search resumed, and had results the next morning, about 30 yards past where they had left off the night before. DH called me on the radio, and told me how big he was, and I almost didn't believe him. I didn't know there were deer that big around here! DH was so excited! They had to come back and get the boat and row upriver to get him, cause he was inaccessible by land. I have a feeling I will see another deer mount on my wall in the near future!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


I have had such a busy week! Last year, I had a grand idea..after thinking about it for a year, I finally made it happen! Daddy went and snagged me a sheet of plywood, and I went and blew up patterns at church on the overhead projector...After transferring the patterns onto the wood, and whining to my lovely husband about how much harder the jigsaw was to work than my scroll saw, they were cut out, sanded, and ready to paint! I painted them on and off for 5 days, added 3 coats of poly protectant, and DH helped me put them out on Sunday! Now all I can think about it what to do for Thanksgiving and Christmas! I have decided, There will be a Snoopy Pilgrim, with Woodstock and his little woodstock buddies as pilgrims and Indians....but for Christmas--what a dilemma....Do I do Snoopy's doghouse all decked out with Charlie Brown and Snoopy next to it? Or do I do the whole group around the tree, with their mouths wide open in song?? I am so torn! Okay, so I am being dramatic..but you can give me suggestions!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Happy Birthday, Grandma Omi!

Friday was my Grandma's 86th birthday! She has been in the present nursing home since June, and doesn't really have a concept of time. She didn't realize it was her birthday until Mom and I reminded her, and then forgot by the time everyone got there! Not to mention she didn't know how old she was! We all met for lunch after church, then went to the home for cake and ice cream with Grandma...my brother and his kids came, along with mom and daddy...Grandma seemed to enjoy it, but tires easily these days. After her stroke in the spring, I never thought her 86th birthday would come! Here's to you, Omi!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Fall Decorating Done!!

Well, it has taken about two weeks of poking and prodding my poor husband, but I finally got my hay bales and cornstalks! Every year I put up these adorable scarecrows my aunt made, and dress it up with some mums, pumpkins, hay, and corn...along with a few old farm antiques...just finished tonight! The house is clean and decorated, and ready for my SU! workshop on Saturday!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Autumn in the Adirondacks!

It is officially fall here in the Adirondack Mountains! The leaves are almost at peak color, and the views while traveling the back roads are amazing! If the leaves weren't an obvious clue, the dropping temperatures are sure to confirm that summer is gone...I love fall, cause October was the month my son was born, and it reminds me of a very special time! My little pumpkin will be 11 in a few weeks! Cody and I took this shot coming off the Bull Run Road on Saturday...This is the road I grew up on, now just one road over from where I live presently...The Lord painted a great picture for me!