Tuesday, October 24, 2006

11 pointer!

The hunter has succeeded! I hope no one is grossed out by the pic, but I couldn't resist posting it here! Please don't post any disapproval comments-- that being said, here's what happened! DH and DS decided to go hunting out back on Sunday afternoon. We have 15 acres, complete with a closed in tree stand. After sitting for about 45 minutes, he came into view. DS was reading a book, but stopped long enough to look for horns! (I have a rule about not shooting does or young deer that DH abides by! ) DH shot, but it hit low, and the deer bolted. After much searching in the pouring down rain, it finally turned dark, and they had to quit. The search resumed, and had results the next morning, about 30 yards past where they had left off the night before. DH called me on the radio, and told me how big he was, and I almost didn't believe him. I didn't know there were deer that big around here! DH was so excited! They had to come back and get the boat and row upriver to get him, cause he was inaccessible by land. I have a feeling I will see another deer mount on my wall in the near future!

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Lisa said...

Oh my goodness! He's beautiful! Do you guys eat the meat or have him mounted? Wow - I'm just amazed! LOL