Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Grandma Omi

I thought I would do a little tribute to my Grandma tonight. Her name is Naomi, and she is 85 years old. All the Great Grandkids call her Omi for short. I visited her today, with my mom and Cody, in the nursing home...She suffered a stroke about 2 weeks before Easter. She has been hospitalized, then in rehab, and now in a permantent facility. It breaks my heart every time I MAKE myself go and see her. She and I are so close, and I know it is killing her that she is in there...She can hardly talk, which makes it difficult, too. I could go on and on about this situation, but you would be reading for days. It is quite a repetitive story, too. This pic was of Omi and Cody 3 days before the "big" one. She had already suffered what I suspected to be a slight one, and I had the where-with-all to go and take some photos...Boy, am I glad I did. She is just a shell of the person she was before...This one's for you, Omi!

Monday, June 26, 2006

First Day of Summer Vacation!

Today is the first day of summer vacation! Cody completed fifth grade with high honors. It was very sad for me, because he will be moving to the high school building next year. Grades 6-12 are housed in one building. I am not ready for my baby to grow up! On rainy days like today, my goal is to get caught up on all of my projects, committments, and maybe get something created that I don't have to! I have an ATC swap to work on, a graduation framed collage to finish, and a "cave" of a scraproom to clean out!
I am a Design Team Member for Buzz and Bloom, an Australian based stamp company. My article for the month has already been submitted, and my gallery projects for the month are done! My requirement this month was a color combo of turquoise and plum, so be watching for a couple of new scrapbook pages!
I have been into the "Altered Lunchbox" scene lately. I have created 4 so far, with 3 more in the works! I make them as card organizers, with monthly index cards for birthday reminders! One was for Cody's teacher, one was for my Mom for Mother's Day, one for my neighbor, and one for my SplitCoastStamper's buddy, Judyb. I used Mod Podge to seal them, and plenty of patterned paper, paper flowers, and ribbon!


First Post!

Well, I finally took the plunge..I often wondered why anyone would find what myself, and my family does, interesting. But, I find myself reading several friends' blogs, and am really interested in what they do! The main reason I wanted to start this is to showcase my work, all in one spot. But then I thought, I also want to show off my gardens, my son, and other junk. So I am going to give it a try and see how it goes. Wish me luck! Here is my family, last summer, on the 4th of July! I have been married for 11 years, and have one son, age 10. We live in Upstate NY, one mile from the Quebec, Canada, border. We also live about 30 minutes from Lake Champlain, and about an hour from Montreal!