Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Grandma Omi

I thought I would do a little tribute to my Grandma tonight. Her name is Naomi, and she is 85 years old. All the Great Grandkids call her Omi for short. I visited her today, with my mom and Cody, in the nursing home...She suffered a stroke about 2 weeks before Easter. She has been hospitalized, then in rehab, and now in a permantent facility. It breaks my heart every time I MAKE myself go and see her. She and I are so close, and I know it is killing her that she is in there...She can hardly talk, which makes it difficult, too. I could go on and on about this situation, but you would be reading for days. It is quite a repetitive story, too. This pic was of Omi and Cody 3 days before the "big" one. She had already suffered what I suspected to be a slight one, and I had the where-with-all to go and take some photos...Boy, am I glad I did. She is just a shell of the person she was before...This one's for you, Omi!

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Babsarella said...

What a lovely photo and write up on you grandma!!! Glad to see you are bloggin!!!