Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I am here!!

I am so sorry to be MIA for so long! I really have no excuse, except for life has a way of taking hold and changing things around! My husband got laid off a couple of weeks ago, which is a way of life in the construction/carpentry business this time of year, but knowing it is coming every year doesn't make it any better! So having him home has been a real adjustment, to say the least. He is keeping busy, though...It has also been VERY cold..a few mornings this week I have gotten up to -20 degree F temperatures. Given the location of my computer on the enclosed porch, I haven't wanted to do much online ANYTHING due to the freezing of my feet! Our porch can handle cold temps, but not quite that cold! So those are my "excuses" if you will...life took over...I will try to do better in the future! If I could get my husband started on some kind of project, maybe then I could sneak away and do some creating of my own! Glad to be back, keri

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