Monday, March 05, 2007

Is it over YET??

Most people who know me, know how much I detest winter. I would be the perfect candidate for hibernation. And in Upstate NY, winter starts in October, and ends in April. I am trying not to complain TOO much, because the first part of our winter was very mild, but -35 degree temps and feet upon feet of snow has got me feeling a bit cabin feverish. We got ANOTHER snowstorm last Friday, and I got some good pics on Saturday morning of the calm "after" the storm. I do live in a beautiful area, woods for as far as the eye can see. I must admit, as much as I hate the snow, Saturday morning was a beautiful sight! Here are a few pics so you can see what I get to see every day!


MyRDreams said...

It is certainly beautiful where you live. How wonderful to see all that fresh "white" snow. City snow is never pretty, but yours is. I had no idea the countryside around you was so gorgeous. It will be spring before you know it...try to enjoy this season before it disappears. Keep warm.

Tracy said...

It is beautiful and boy does it ever get old ;-)
i'm tired of it - it warms up a bit and then we get another storm - vicious circle - and we dont have anything like what you've been having this year.
wonderful pics k -