Sunday, September 10, 2006

Crazy Times, these Days!

Fall is in the air! I wonder if we will ever get everything done we need to, before winter! We have about 6 cords of wood out of the 20 cut and stacked...Pete's chainsaw needs a new bolt and oil that was cut short this weekend...Peter has been re enforcing Papa's old garage out back, before it falls in, so he can get his tools organized and neat...I decided that today was the day I needed to start cleaning the garage...I did well! I have a small pile of stuff for family, jars for my SIL, some clothes for my Uncle's grandson. I also have a big pile of yard sale leftovers that I just put up on our county's Freecycle site...I told them take all or nothin'! Hopefully I will get a bite and get a big space cleared out in the garage...of course no garage cleaning in complete without a chipmunk running over your foot...I screamed so loud Harley thought I was being attacked! LOL...There is TONS of stuff to do in the flower beds..cutting back the perennials, gathering seeds...My 3 bleeding hearts have GOT to be divided, and I think I may have to start and new flower bed! It takes Peter, Me and a very strong shovel to get those bleeding hearts dug up! The camper needs to be closed up for the season, too! I guess I had better start a post-it list! LOL...Time to batten down the hatches, our 6 months of hell (otherwise known as winter) will be here before we know it!

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Babsarella said...

WOW...that's a lot to do!!!