Wednesday, September 06, 2006

First Day of School!

Well, he has been gone for an hour! This will be a very long day. I HATE this day! This year is worse than ever, cause my baby started 6th grade, and entered the high school building! Our Jr. Sr. High school houses grades 6-12! Cody won't even be 11 until the end of October. I feel like once they set foot in that building, that is it. They are not babies anymore. And I also feel like parents AND children are robbed of an extra year of childhood due to the early entrance into the high school...Cody was brave--we saw no tears, but this was the hardest day I have had in a long time! And it is only 9 am! I have got to keep myself busy!

My daycare kids start coming back tomorrow, so today will be the only quiet day I have. Here is to Cody and his high school career. I love you, baby! Mama

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Sue McGettigan said...

Hugs to you Keri - this is a big year for both you and Cody!!