Monday, November 13, 2006

More Thanksgiving Day Projects!

Can you handle MORE Thanksgiving goodies? I LOVE Thanksgiving! It is like Christmas, without all the commericalism and extra work! I love to have the parade on in the background, and we always watch The Mouse on the Mayflower! Well, I always watch it! These pics are of a few more projects I did for the big day! I find, at least around here, that there is a really limited selection of Thanksgiving decorations, so I made my
own! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


Jenny L. said...

Kerilou, I am IMPRESSED! You are a very talented painter. Cute decorations. :)

Lisa said...

Keri, these are ADORABLE! I am partial to crafts like these because my Mom make these kids of things, too. You are one talented lady! :)