Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy Birthday, Cody!!

Sunday was Cody's 12th Birthday! Where does the time go? I can't believe he is in 7th grade and is 12 years old now! We had a party for him on Saturday night-when all the men were done working and hunting! We had about 30 people here-family and friends of all ages. Cody requested a taco supper. I have never made tacos for that many people, but the five pounds of taco meat that I made was gone at the end of the night! Here are a few photos of our evening, the cake, and the presents. He HAD to have Zoids (cartoon) DVDs and the Godzilla Destroy all Monsters for his Gamecube. Thank you EBay, for saving me from yet ANOTHER elusive birthday gift request! I made the cake-just a couple of mixes, and homemade frosting. I ordered the edible image from a gal off ebay, and she even personalized it! It is a pic from the Barnyard cartoon, and they are all riding motorcycles...the images are so easy to use, cause you just frost the cake, and slap the photo on and trim around it with a star tip! Everyone raved about the cake, and thought I was brilliant!
The two little girls are my niece Beatrice and my friend's daughter Elyse-they had to help Cody blow out the candles. He looks so grown up! It was a wonderful night to share with family and friends..we had a blast!!
Have a great Thursday! Keri


Lisa Renéa said...

Happy Birthday CodeMan!! WooHoo!
Keri, that cake is so cute! Wish I lived closer, ya'll are always having so much at these family gatherings & such.

Tracy said...

ohhhhhh cody's gettin all grown up! he looks so handsome in that picture - and so sweet with the little ones helping him with his cake. And what a cake! i didnt know you could order someone to make those edible things for you (filing that one in my head! where were they when i was makin all those birthday cakes...!) sounds like a wonderful time was had by all - happy birthday Cody!

Babsarella said...

Looks like one GREAT birthday party!!! Love the cool cake!!!

Sue McGettigan said...

Happy Birthday Cody!! Keri - you are a genius to make that cake, what a great Mom!!