Monday, June 23, 2008

How Patriotic are YOU??

As some of you may know, I dabble a bit in painting from time to time. Nothing major, but sometimes there is something I want for decor that I cannot find in the stores. One example of this is Patriotic or Fourth of July decorations. I do have to admit that there is more on the market than there used to be, but not a lot of it is to my liking!
I found this pattern book several years ago in Michael's that had some really cute patterns for wood decorations with a Patriotic theme. I immediately painted some up! Now, several years later, I wanted to add to my collection. I took the Uncle Sam pattern from another sign (he was with Lady Liberty) and isolated just his head, and cut out and painted him. This is how he turned out:

I had another idea in my head for a decoration-I don't know how I came up with it-I may have seen one somewhere, or something like it-I don't know.
As far as I know it is original! It is a primitive heart, with a blue field in one corner, that has been cut off and re-attached with wire. I painted it with barn red, ivory, and country blues instead of the traditional red, white and blue. I hope you all get the gist of it from the photo. Cody thought it was a boot...wha??

I also made a really cute altered Frap bottle for the upcoming holiday. I wanted something really cute to stick in with one of the Uncle Sam heads I made up, to give to my friend, for driving Cody to school. I got these Hershey Kisses at Kmart, that are blue with silver stars on them.. I stuck them in the bottle with some red ones and then decorated the bottle with some patterned paper, stained twill and ribbon, and some punch outs.

Last, but not least, I made up a bunch of cards a while ago at a ladies' get together. I borrowed my friend's Loads of Love set. This design was found on SCS and originally done in shades of blue. I can't remember the SCS member that originally did it, but it is in the gallery over at SCS. I love how she layered everything, and thought it would be cute in shades of pink, for a gal.
I colored the image with Prismacolors and OMS, using blending stumps. I gave this card to my friend, along with her Uncle Sam, and her bottle of kisses!

Thanks for visiting, have a great Monday!


Lisa Renéa said...

Those are fun patriotic projects, as always your painting is fab!

Sue McGettigan said...

Super-cute Keri!! I especially love the primitive heart and the frapp bottle, so fun!

Karol said...

You are able to make a silk purse from a sows ear...really clever of you gal...makesme want to run out and buy a jigsaw. Karol