Thursday, January 15, 2009


You be the judge. This is our only working thermometer, but it looks like -26 to me. And if someone tells you that once it gets to a certain temperature, it doesn't feel any colder anymore, that cold is just cold, THEY ARE LYING! My coldest temp record for here, that I have a photo for, was 1/27/05 and it was about -31. This is one record I hope we don't break!
Brodie will pull her whole "I think I am dying" thing when she gets let out this morning, for sure. On really cold mornings, she goes outside to pee, all the while keeping at least one paw in the air, then she looks at me-who is waiting at the door for her, mind you, lays on the ground with her paws up of the snow, and curls into a ball like those sad dogs on the abused animal commercials. And just prepares herself to die...Instead of just running the 10 feet back to the house!! She is so goofy sometimes! So, I guess I am in for another day of staying busy, just to stay warm! Let me know what your temps are, and note my weatherbug only says -13 so we are WAY lower!

Have a Great Day, and STAY WARM!!


Anonymous said...

Right now Weather Bug is saying 28, but I think we're supposed to hit 50 today.

Keep warm!!

bsgstamps4fun: Barb Gault said...

Oh, that is cold, some has come our way! I'll be happy to send it back to you! lol!
You have a nice blog and I'll be back to visit soon!

glitzen said...

Oh boy. Crazy weather. We were at at least fifteen below for over two and a half weeks, and were going a bit its 35 ABOVE. We had a seventy degree change in one day. Wowzers. Our dogs and horses do not know what to think. House is flooded with all the rain. Oh well. No more frozen pipes to thaw. Winter is never dull, huh? Ugh.

Babsarella said...

OK SERIOUS BRRRRR. I can't even imagine those temps. I think I would feel like I was dying too. Poor Brodie. I would tell you my temps, but I'm sure you don't really want to know.

Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

I have to tell you, the hatch on the back of my car kept hitting me in the head when I was loading groceries, and I thought 'what the???' thinking those air thingies were broken...

Wasn't until I read one of your posts that the light bulb went on! Too darn cold!!!

Stay warm!