Wednesday, January 07, 2009

What do ya do on a snow day, you say??

Well, we had snow day #2 for the 08-09 winter! I figured it was gonna be a day off, but I was off today, so it wasn't a huge deal. Slept off and on half the morning, and didn't really do too much productive work! I did however, catch up on everyone's blog, who has updated! That is a nice way to spend a morning!
So, if you ever wondered what happens at our house on a snow day, LOOK NO FURTHER!
First, you try your hardest to drag yourself out of bed and look ambitious so Mom doesn't bug you too much: (Oh yeah, and always lay ON the blanket so Dad doesn't get mad about the hair! & a pillow is always the way to go!)

Next: When trying to get BACK on Mom's good side for sleeping away the day, it is always a good idea to tickle her funny bone. Today, I opted for my Gene Simmons impersonation. Either that, or one of the heifers in the field I like to "check out" down the road during the summer!
I hope you liked my Brodie pics. She has recently been given a lot more freedom in the house, and is doing well with it! We still don't leave her unattended for any amount of time-She would eat the whole house if we did! But she usually doesn't leave our side anyway. I did manage to create something today, while sitting in front of Dr. Phil tonight, being the ever diligent wife while Peter was out cleaning the driveway for 2+hours-I made a lip balm holder!!

A friend of my Mom's gave me some crochet books, and this was in one of them. I thought it was cool, and definitely do-able for the novice (yeah, that's me). After looking and trying to figure out the pattern 3 different times in the last 3 weeks, I finally tried it, and it worked! I am sure it is not perfect, but cool nonetheless! It fits a regular sized stick of lip balm, and it will also hold one of those tubie lip gloss thingers (seen below). They are super easy to make, and would be great to hook on a key ring! Whatdya think??

Well, here's hoping for SCHOOL tomorrow! We do not need another day off. Cody's back side is going to be permanently fused to the recliner soon!

Have a great night!



Jean said...

WhaT a very spoilt Brodie! SHe is beautiful! We have a part cattle dog but she is supposed to be a working dog so lives outside. She has a good life though.

glitzen said...

those are neat! I am carrying around chap stick with me constantly. i have a tube in the car, one upstairs, one downstairs, etc.
ugh. I am hating winter right now. Its 28 below.

JudyB said...

Well, doesn't that just make me jealous! Brody got more couch time than I did today! Love the chapstick holder! What a great idea!

Lisa Renéa said...

Oh good gravy, Brody looks so comfortable! Too funny! (wish I could get this comfy cozy) Love the chapstick holders--you know chapstick needs to be everywhere! What a great way to locate, asap. Hoping you have a day filled with warmth, y $ r, stamping and a bit of mcnugget lovin'!

Holly said...

oh, I love the Brodie pics! He looks like a sweetie!