Thursday, October 22, 2009

Our newest guests!!

Hi there! I know, the silence was deafening!! I have been so busy folding star ornaments these past few weeks, and painting slates, that I have not been on my blog at ALL!!
I thought I would catch you all up on the status of the new farm!!
The bigger cows are still outside, but the 3 calves have been in the barn all week! The barn is almost done, just a few finishing touches! The chicken coop has been inhabited by these lovlies for a few weeks now--meet Rusty and Bernice!!
Rusty is crowing every morning, at sunrise--and let's just say it is a good thing our neighbors aren't any closer than they are!! Bernice is too young for eggs yet, but I am holding out hope that she will start laying soon!!

Have a great night, and weekend!!


Annie said...



Sue McGettigan said...

They're so cute! What type of chooks are they? Love the black and white feathers!

Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

Hello Keri! So fun to see your updates:)

Your chickens are gorgeous! And you are very brave to have one rooster with one chicken! ... He's going to keep that girl very very busy:) We finally nixed the whole rooster thing and just have chickens... it was 'obscene' around here... The last go around we had one rooster and about 3 chickens. The girls were missing tons of feathers and looked like they had been beaten up... Now we have 60 chickens and not one rooster! Life is much more peaceful for the girls...

Camille said...

Love your chickens. Are those Marans? I'd like to add some to our flock next year. I have Rhode Island Reds, Ameraucanas and Golden Comets.

Love your blog!