Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Happy 89th Birthday, Omi!

Happy 89th Birthday to our dearest Grandma Omi-I can't believe she is 89 today! She isn't much aware of anything anymore-she won't know it is her birthday until we actually go, and tell her, then she will forget in a couple of hours. And she can never believe how old she is when we tell her! She always looks so shocked! Her late husband, my Papa, would have been 92 today. They shared their birthday..isn't that romantic? Talk about meant to be, huh?
Happy Birthday to Omi-I love you!

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glitzen said...

That is totally romantic! I love it. She looks so sweet. I miss my grandmas sooooooo much. I lost my Grandma Geri five years ago, the one who I am named for. She was my dearest friend, and we talked everyday.
Wonderful picture!