Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cody's Pumpkin Patch

Welcome to Cody's Pumpkin Patch! We had a WONDERFUL harvest this year...Pumpkin seeds planted in PURE POO...apparently the early onslaught of rain this summer, coupled with the better weather in late August, did the trick! We planted two different kinds of pumpkins this year. One type was a typical jack-o-lantern with green pumpkins that turned orange. The second type was BIG MAX, and they grew VERY fast, and turned from a pale yellow to orange. This type of pumpkin is often used by growers looking to grow HUGE pumpkins weighing hundreds of pounds...We basically plant and leave...and we had over a dozen pumpkins, most of a *very* substantial weight..the largest one weighed 42 pounds!! We finally had to pick the pumpkins the other night as it was VERY cold and we got a heavy frost.
Here is the sign I painted for the patch--
Here is Cody with the first pumpkin he cut from the vine--
Cody and Brodie in the back of the truck with the entire harvest...Brodie loves to be in the middle of the action! She actually weighs the same amount as the largest pumpkin!
And here is my girl again-she doesn't mind getting her picture taken at all..I think I am gonna scrapbook this one!
So now, we just have to make a point to not let all these pumpkins go to waste, and actually carve them!! I usually plug in one of those foam pumpkins that has a nightlight bulb inside, on Halloween night...Lame, I know...It is hard to get help carving pumpkins when your husband and son are out in a treestand somewhere in the middle of Churubusco!
Have a good night!!


Sue McGettigan said...

Those pumpkins, that boy, that dog - all gorgeous!! Have fun carving :)

Babsarella said...

WOW! What a fun project and you certainly got a lot of pumpkins!! Mr. Cody did an excellent job with those pumpkins, and Miss Brodie is just adorable.

glitzen said...

Oh that is SO COOL!!!! I will never in my life have the experience of growing a pumpkin, I'm pretty sure...and I sure love your pics! Especially your cute sign to go along with his patch. Its dang adorable.