Sunday, November 22, 2009

A look into Rusty's Place...

Okay, here is the evidence!! I was so excited yesterday when the boys came in and said Bernice had laid 2 eggs!! I finished up what I was doing in the house, headed out with my egg carton, and by the time I got out there, there was a THIRD egg!! SO--here is the deal..if you want a dozen fresh eggs from Rusty's place, give me two weeks notice, and keep in mind that some of the eggs will be fresher than others!!!

So, we spent a lot of time in the barn yesterday, I cleaned the coop and the boys cleaned the barn. I decided I would take a few pics of what the barn looks like "fully loaded" so to speak. With Jacob and Red inside, it sure is fully loaded!! We have Jacob and Red, the oxen, along with 3 heifers, and the three calves. Humphrey and Hawkeye are the little oxen, and Hamburg is, well, can only see Hamburg's butt by Pete's legs!!

The barn is nice and cozy warm. They have classic rock from Montreal playing in the background, and we are almost set for winter!

Here is a photo from last weekend, of Cody with both sets of oxen. I posted this one of Facebook last week. Quite a size difference, huh?
On a side note, I have been *SUPER* busy getting orders made, and shipped out, for my shop. I have been making about 4 dozen German stars a day!! I am sure things will slow down once people get their Christmas trees up and decorated!
I got all my Thanksgiving and fall decorations down yesterday, so I can begin getting my trees up and decorated. All in all, things are very busy here!!
Have a good Sunday!


glitzen said...

Very cool! The barn and critters all look great. Great pics!

Annie said...

OH MY Goodness - fresh eggs. What did you do with them?


KraftyKerilou said...

Nothing, yet...we are up to 9 now. Probably scramble them, as they are too small to count as a regular egg in a recipe!!