Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tree Number ONE!

Here is a pic of tree number one. It is the "Grandma" Tree. I put it up in our kitchen. It is a 4 foot tree, and I decorate it using vintage ornaments that belonged to my Grandmothers, as well as Peter's Grandmother. They are very old, very breakable, and above all else, very beautiful! I finish it off with old fashioned lights, and tinsel like Omi used to use...adding one strand at a time!

Here are a couple of ornamnets I added to the tree, that are my favorites from childhood that Mom gave to me. The cheesy retro santa and elf from the 60's!

Thanks for stopping by, I will be adding more of our trees in the coming days!!
Have a good night!

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glitzen said...

We had an elf like that!!! I think he's adorable. And your tree is so special, I love it.
On my parent's tree, there is a small pair of slippers. They belonged to my cousin, who died at the age of four in a horrible fire. I am soooo glad they are there. Its a sweet memory of him.
I am looking forward to more tree pics. :)