Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Trees AGAIN!

Here are the last two trees..I ran out of time yesterday! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas today! We are very tired tonight, after opening presents here this morning, we spent the first part of our day at Mom and Daddy's. Then the second part of our day was spent in Churubusco at Peter's Mom's house! I am glad to be home..
Tree number 5 is our family tree in the livingroom. It is 7.5 feet tall. It holds all of my handmade ornaments, Cody's ornaments, etc. I call it the mish mash tree. I put colored lights on this tree, and the topper is a Boyd's Bear santa-hugging the tree top.

This is tree number 6! This tree is in Peter's trophy room. It is 9 feet tall and I have white lights on it. This tree has all sorts of rusty ornaments on it. Snowflakes, stars, jingle long as it is rusty, it will fit in! It also has a LOT of pinecones, berries, and of course, my german stars! It fits in very well with the rest of the room! I always hate to take this one down!!
Have a great night!! Merry Christmas!


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JudyB said...

I love them! You do a perfect jobe decorating the trees! There aren't many people that I would give permission to decorate my tree, but you would do great!!!