Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Major Vent--

I don't usually post more than once a day, but I really feel like I have to get this out, and it may actually be preventing an anxiety attack!!
Let me begin by saying that I am not looking for any sympathy, and I know we all go through stuff like this. But what the heck is wrong with our customer service industry?? I feel like I am surrounded by idiots. Do these people even care about anything but their paychecks? I am so sick of my family suffering from everyone else's irresponsibility.
Our post office managed to lose three of our bills that were mailed out a month ago. Along with many other people's bills that same day. We had to stop payment on three checks so they could be re issued. Now they don't want take any responsiblitly for their actions. They think that we should not have stopped payment, just waited to see what happened. Meanwhile, along with the 90 dollars of stop payment fees, we incurred late fees on our 2 credit cards, and our auto insurance was cancelled......we did not have an extra 500 dollars to wait and see what happened to the original checks! I think that they should re imburse us for the fees we had to pay! With Peter laid off, that 90 bucks would make a big difference!
We were notified a while ago that our health insurance lapsed, and no one ever told us. Then after days of getting the run around, "OOPS!!, WE MADE A MISTAKE...YOU STILL HAVE INSURANCE!! But is will lapse by mid August if you don't pay x amount.
The kind people at our health insurance company denied our ER claims twice before deciding Peter's infection was in fact a life threatening illness and that they would cover it. He only had to go in every 6 hours for 4 straight days for IV antibiotics!!
I am supposed to have elective surgery in two weeks, and our insurance is going to lapse? Well, that is okay, cause apparently as of June 30th, we had no more rx insurance. Even though I just got a rx filled a week ago....another mistake? Who knows?? NO ONE KNOWS ANYTHING ANYMORE, EXCEPT WHEN CLOCK OUT TIME IS, AND WHEN PAY DAY IS. I thank Mary Beth, ext. 197 of Empire state carpenters--the only one who has a kind bone in her body and seems to care about her job and the people she helps...
I guess my point is--why is nothing easy anymore? All I have done for months is fight on the phone with people who point fingers at each other. I am sick to death of the whole stupid deal.
I try to remember how fortunate we are to have our health and a roof over our heads, but I am human, and that does not always work. Please tell me I am not the only one constantly fighting!! The more I think about it, the more I think the Amish have the right idea...--Keri


The Tattered Tiara said...

Keri-YIKES! No your not alone. I can't seem to find customer service any time I have to call! No kidding, I've been on the phone for 2 hours, every week since April trying to find out why one bill resolved. The more I pay, the more they charge! I keep wondering why the postal rates when up, now it seems every article of mail is destroyed before I get it! There is no customer service any where, that I've found! xo hugs to you, lr

Tracy said...

oh honey i understand your frutstration. i agree - what happened to good old customer service? however on the credit card late charges - call them - i know one time we forgot to pay a bill - just forgot and paid it late and by calling them and saying hey... we always pay our bill on time... they forgave the late charges. it is worth a call. the post office - dont hold your breath - they dont give a crap - seriously - the only wasy to KNOW your stuff arrives anymore is to send it priority for godssake (well i take it back - you can get delivery confirmation on 1st class can't you? but that still is an additional frickin fee!). what a racket they got goin on!