Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Fresh Strawberry Pie

Strawberry season is upon us in Northern NY! Mom, Cody and I went to Burke last week and got 14 quarts between us. Not bad for an hour picking! I will freeze some for Strawberry Pretzel Salad, but one thing I like to do with fresh berries is the Fresh Strawberry Pie that my Grandma Brooks used to make. I remember being very small (she passed when I was 10) and being in her kitchen at a family dinner and having her put that pie in front of me. Me, being a very picky eater, could not believe this was how beautiful this pie was, and how good it tasted. No rhubarb, no mincemeat, etc. My aunt gave me the recipe years later after I had been married, and now I make it every summer, for me, and for my Daddy-to remind us of Grandma Brooks. So here is the recipe, it is very simple--and oh, so good with home made whipped cream!

Fresh Strawberry Pie

1 quart strawberries
1 cup sugar
3 T. cornstarch
3 T. strawberry Jell-O powder
1 cup boiling water
baked pie shell, or graham cracker crust

Mix well sugar and cornstarch.
Add boiling water, cook until mixture
comes to a boil, and thickens. It will
change from foggy to clear. Remove from
heat and add dry Jell-O. Chill completely
in sink of cold water and ice. Pour over sliced
strawberries than have been placed in a pie
Serve with whipped cream, if desired.

Have a great day!


Elizabeth said...

Oh I'm on my way over! ;) Looks great. I love your blog!

Stina said...

You think this would work for bluberries? It's blueberry season in the PNW!

Lisa Renéa said...

Gorgeous pie. My all time fav is strawberry shortcake with Angel food cake & vanilla ice cream-yum!

Kerry McKibbins said...

looks yummy

Kim Ross said...

When I saw the title "Fresh Strawberry Pie", I thought "Gee, I wonder how other people make it?" This pie is *VERY* similar to the Strawberry Pie that's my dad's very very favorite. He wants it on his birthday, Father's Day... heck probably today. :) He loves it! I love that you enjoy such a similar pie to the one I make for him. (He's been eating it since the at least the very early 70's, I think... my mom used to make it and she got the recipe from a Jell-O advertisement in Good Housekeeping magazine. I still have the original clipping in my cookbook/scrapbook.)

How cool!