Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hello from Camp!

I don't have any photos from camp yet, but I arrived yesterday and I am moved in pretty much. We have quite the ant population in the kitchen of the camper, but I put some Terro out and it seems to be doing the trick. I am a bit grossed out cause you are supposed to let the ants eat it and bring it back to the colony. The ants gather around the Terro and eat it like a herd of cows at a trough. I want to squish all those little buggers so bad! But I am just trying to stay out of the kitchen until they leave. Yesterday was a long, tiring day. I got the last of the stuff moved down, but also had to move the dogs to my Mom's house where they will stay while I am gone. After church last night, it was my first night as fry gal at the snack bar. By the time I got done there, went to check on the dogs one last time, showered and got into bed, it was midnight. Then thunder and lightening woke me up in the night, and I laid there wondering if Cody was okay in his bunk next door, and if the dogs were keeping my dad up, as Harley is petrified in a storm. THEN I woke up to a deflated air mattress and sore hips from sleeping on a box spring all night. It was lovely! I got up this am and went and fed Brodie and Harley and then helped register 35 kids for VBS! And here I am! My daycare kiddo was supposed to come and stay with me today, but there was a change in plans, so I am on my own. I will try to take some photos around the grounds today so everyone can see what an old fashioned "camp grounds" looks like! Have a great day!


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Nancy Maxwell James said...

hope you have fun at camp! I love your cow banner! it is the sweetest!