Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas Card Photos

Even though I don't send out a holiday card with a photo directly on the card, I like to slip a little something in the cards I make, for all the family and friends. I love getting photos in cards, so I like to think others do to! Needless to say, being the only female in the house with DH and DS sometimes has its drawbacks. This was one of those times. Getting these two dressed appropriately and in one spot with me was like pulling teeth. You would have thought they were being killed. Good Grief! You will notice that in our family picture, we all have our sunglasses on. That was intended to be just a cute extra pic. But because DS had his eyes closed in every photo my father took, this is the one we ended up with. I opted for a backup, and it took a few weeks to get around to it. I stuck DS by the tree and used the first one that looked half way normal. Men...what am I to do?? So here are the results. And at this point, I say take em or leave em! LOL!


Lisa said...

Hey, hot mama! ;) What a great pic. Believe me - I KNOW how hard it can be getting a good group photo - somebody's eyes are closed... somebody else is looking the wrong way... UGH! LOL But this is a great pic - too cool with the shades on! :)

Sue McGettigan said...

LOL Keri, getting that perfect family photo is never easy, sunglasses are a good way to go! These pics are great :)