Friday, December 22, 2006

Our Christmas Decorations

Well, amidst all of the crafting and baking I have been doing, I finally took the time to take a few pictures of our Christmas decorations. This is the big tree in our livingroom. I use green and blue lights, and there is a large array of ornaments on it, from pine cones and homemade dough ornaments, to heirloom glass ornaments and cartoon characters!

This is my Christmas Village. The pieces come blank, and you have to paint them all yourself! I am at a stand-still, though, cause I am out of room, and I can't do anymore!

This is the white tree I put in our bedroom. I have always wanted a tree in my room. And always loved the white trees, so I finally got one a couple of years ago. It has blue and white lights on it, and a ribbon, but no ornaments. I put it in the dormer facing the road, so you can see it outside!

This is a smaller tree I put up in the kitchen. We call it the "Grandma Tree" because it has all of our Grandmother's antique glass ornaments on it. I used old fashioned lights, and tinsel, too. We are so fortunate to both have a few of our family's ornaments!


Cathy said...

How pretty! @ould you share with me the material and the source for the miniature village? I'm desiring to create one for the next year and am looking for some paper mache ones. I love all of your trees and how nice to have some of your families heirloom ornaments!

MyRDreams said...

All of your trees are beautiful. I especially love the white one in your room!! But...the big one and "grandmas" tree are lovely too. It's Christmasy at your house!! Which tree does Santa use???

Lisa said...

Can you say JEALOUS?! I wish we could have more than just one tree, but alas, there's not enough room. I grew up with a tree in almost every room so seeing yours totally reminds me of home. :) I love that white one! And I must say that I am so impressed with your little village! OMG! You painted ALL of those?! Truly amazing. My Dad collects them - the already painted ones, however. ;) My parents have a huge dining room table that seats eight people and it's entirely COVERED with all of his village pieces. Complete with "snow" (batting), mirrors for the "frozen lakes" and lights EVERYWHERE! It's an amzing sight.

ANYWAY - I carry on too much, LOL! I just wanted to wish you and your family a very merry Christmas and a new year abundant in joy and good health. Inky hugs, Keri! :)

Christa H. said...

Wowee- your trees look so fun!
I used to have a white one w/ homemade gingerbread ornaments on it...
Your village looks so festive!
Hope your holidays were fun!!!!!!!!
love ya!

jen said...

All the trees and your family pic look just great Keri. Hope it was a very merry Christmas up there.

Heather said...

What beautiful trees, and how lucky you are to have heirloom ornaments!