Thursday, December 14, 2006

Christmas Peanuts!

Okay, so how do I follow up with the ginormous pumpkin patch, or the cute little pilgrim Woodstocks? My SIL said I should be focusing on her wedding favors...okay?? LOL..anyway, after 10 days, a sheet and a half of plywood, a ton of acrylic paint, and nearly a quart of spar urethane, here they are! I was hoping to get a really cute picture in the snow, but alas, it was in the mid 50's today, and I went to the post office in jeans and a T-shirt! The hay bale was supposed to be a snow covered hill. So much for that! Now Shermie just looks like he is standing on hay...All I keep thinking of is the scene from White Christmas where they get off the train to a green Vermont in December. Upstate NY is supposed to be a winter playground...not all green and brown and depressing a week before Christmas! Thanks again to my DH for all his hard work cutting these guys out!


Lisa said...

These are FANTASTIC!!! Oh my goodness... like they just jumped out of the comics and on to your yard! Awesome! :D

Laurie said...

Awesome! So are you going to give us any tips on doing this ourselves? Did you use a projector to enlarge the images?

I just found your blog today and am enjoying catching up. I'll be back :o)