Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A surprise for ME!!

You can imagine my surprise when the mail lady pulled into my driveway and honked the horn yesterday! That means a package! I wasn't expecting a thing, so I could not imagine what it was. It turned out to be a big ol' priority package from Judy B! Her blog link is on the right margin. I met Judy through SCS and we have been email buddies for 2 years now. Anyway, apparently she sensed my winter blahs, and decided to brighten up my day with a surprise package. Here is what she sent me!!

A John Deere thermometer, (is there a hidden message here?) A SU! SAB Set that I had missed out on called Friendship Blossoms, and the cutest card!! She could not have sent it at a better time! I was just getting ready to start a new scrapbook layout of Beatrice using some cute patterned papers, and the SAB Rubons that match this SAB stamp set. Now I can use the stamps, too!

On a side note, say hello to the newest resident of Pete's Wildlife Museum. He arrived on Saturday afternoon, and I must say, he is quite a different beast!

I will be buried in snow if anyone can't find me. We are expecting another whopper-it went from 6-12 inches last night to 12-15 inches when I turned on the news this morning. Just another day in paradise. Have a Great Tuesday! Keri


Lizette said...

Wow ! You're lucky to get such beauties in the mail ! Nice friend.
Cute little addition to the museum too !

Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

Super sweet RAK! More snow?? GADS...
So, on the bobcat, our neighbor told us they saw a bobcat a few times cruzin' through the creek by one of our fields.. not far from our home, kids, chickens, cats, dogs!!

He said it is about 60 lbs... I'll be on the lookout for Pete and see if I can take a photo!!!!

Need any coyotes???

liannallama said...

oh, what a super surprise! Glad you got something so fun and cheery!

Jennifer (jennifer-g on SCS) said...

Oh how fun! What a great surprise for you!