Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fooling with Photoshop...

I got Adobe Photoshop 6 when I got my new laptop a couple of months ago. It has been an experience! I finally got a bit of experience under my belt with it and felt more comfortable, so I tried my hand at brushes. I know this is not great, but remember, it is my first try that I actually saved. If anyone has any great free brush sites, please let me know!
This is my nephew, Zeb! Isn't he a cutie patootie!
We are off to the vet's this afternoon after school for Harley's check up. I always have to schedule them after school so Cody can go and get his vet fix. He loves to see all the other people's animals. He is always concerned that whatever dog is going to the vet will be scared and need him, too. Plus, he loves the veterinarian atmosphere! Hopefully, they can shed some light on that spot Har has been nibbling on on her front leg! Wish us luck!
Have a great Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

aren't babies wonderful.

Tracy said...

cutie nephew! and cool you're getting some photoshopping practice - i'm sure its beyond me! love the swirls.
Maybe cody would like to be a vet? sounds like he's got the right attributes - caring and sweet (my sister is a vet so i know from where i speak LOL.) i hope the vet trip went well.

Lisa Renéa said...

What's up with Harley? Great use of the brushes. Ha...I've had he AP6 for a while and I still can't figure it out without yelling for Dakota!!
Keep up the good work. Zeb's a keeper!

Jean said...

I would love to try digital myself, but don't want to spring for photo shop! I love this and he is so darling.

Mary Dawn said... is a great place to get brushes...don't let the name put you off, it's an artist collective and full of every kind of resource, make sure you read if the brush is compatible with PS6 before you download it, though

SeaStar Creations said...

your nephew is adorable! i don't know much about photoshop but i think the picture is beautiful! good luck figuring it all out