Saturday, April 05, 2008

Hello from recovery!

Hello everyone! The computer time has been greatly limited lately, but I finally got a chance to sit and fill you all in!
Cody's surgery went well, as expected, anyway! We were home by 11:30 that morning. He handled the anesthesia very well, as well as his pain medication. The hardest part that day was the IV insertion!
The first 36 hours were the worst, but things are gradually improving. I have been able to spread out his pain meds a bit more, but morale around our house is at an all time low! It isn't very fun to sit around ALL THE TIME with nothing to do, and an inability to go very far. He is getting dressed and going to church in the morning. Things have got to get back to a more normal state around here!
On top of all this, we got several inches of snow yesterday. YUCK!
Thanks for all your prayers and support! Let's hope that Cody can get all his work caught up before 3rd quarter ends on Friday!!

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Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

Yeah for Cody!!!!
Glad to hear everything went well... good luck with tomorrow's outing...
Fresh (cold frigid spring) air will do him some good!!!