Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sunday check in!

Hello! Here I am again, two days in a row! Thought you would all like to see what Cody has been up to! Unfortunately, he was attacked by two very vicious animals as you can see from this photo I managed to get! Harley (big) and Brodie (little) felt it necessary to join Cody on the hide-away bed. Talk about funny! Harley weighs about 30 pounds more than Cody, so when she got over him like that, boy did he holler! It is not like he can move, either! And of course, what big sister does, Brodie has to do, too. They are quite the pair. They both are trying to lick his bandages, they know he has a booboo and they want to make him feel better. Harley has always been very in tune with wounds on all of us, as was her mama, Shy. Shy never left my side all while I was in labor for Cody. Brodie seems to do the same thing. Dogs are amazing creatures!

Here are a couple of pictures of the piggs. I didn't realize that Cody's bandage was adorned with one of my long hairs! Yuck! These dressings will stay on for a couple of weeks-which was good for me cause the chances of me passing out from wounds is a definite possibility! He also has stitches, and I assume the thinking is that if it is left alone, the chances of infection are greatly decreased. Not knowing what it looks like under there is killing me, but not enough to look. Not that I could anyway! You know what I mean! Tomorrow Cody will go back to school. I am very nervous! I am off for the next three days! Thank you Lord, mama needs a break! Cody is now realizing the old adage-you get more flies with honey than with vinegar?? He was majorly attitudinal but has now realized that I have barely left his side for 5 days and that please and thank you go a long way when requesting food, medicine and ice packs! Anyway, I hope school isn't too much-I know it is time, but hope no one is hard on him, and he catches up on all his work-the marking period ends on Friday. So keep him in your prayers this week! Next week is spring break so he will be home with me! I am proud to say that after 3 nights of sleeping on the couch bed that I will be back in my own bed tonight, with no bar in my back!

Have a good night everyone, and here is to a really great week!! Keri


Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

So good to see him smiling!! Your dogs are wonderful nurses!

Sue McGettigan said...

I think your dogs knew Cody needed a bit of fun :) Hope he's healing well, and you're enjoying sleeping in your own bed again, there's nothing quite like a sofa bed to make you appreciate your own mattress :)

Lisa Renéa said...

Code-Man! Hope your feeling better and healing quickly! You look so cute with those two! (Keri--i couldn't look, either--oh the pain!)