Monday, April 28, 2008

Who could it be??

Mom and I came to a very interesting conclusion a few nights ago. I was talking to her on the phone one night, and I was watching Ghost Hunters in SciFi. We got into a discussion about what we believe and what we don't, and I told her how Peter thinks that there is no such thing as ghosts and Cody won't even come near the TV when the show is on! I think it is very interesting how they go about their research, and how they draw their conclusions on Ghost Hunters.
I told Mom that I believed in "spirits". I wondered to her how someone can honestly say they believe in angels, and not is spirits or ghosts? She said that she has had a few experiences that would lead her to believe that there is "something" out there. I told her I had had a couple of instances, too.
I began to tell her about a man I saw in my bedroom one night when I was a teenager and still at home. I woke up one night, and looked up and saw a man standing at the end of my bed. He was dressed in clothes from a long time ago, and I remember some type of plaid/checkered coat/shirt...My mom then proceeds to ask me a few very specific questions about my experience, and then tells me that she saw a man in my bedroom one night after I had moved out! She was sleeping in my room-and woke up thinking Daddy or Neil was standing there, but it wasn't either of them. It was a figure of a man, very similar to the one I described!
As we were comparing notes, the hair stood up on my arms! How cool is that?? We both saw the same spirit in the same room?? The farmhouse was built in the late 1800's, around 1870. And there was at least one death IN the HOUSE that I know of. Here are a couple of possibilities:
This is my Great Great Grandfather, John Brooks. He came from Nova Scotia and started the family farm. Could it have been him that I saw?

This is Richard Watson Brooks. He is son to John Brooks. He died at quite a young age-he was kicked in the head by a horse, and was brought into the house and laid on the diningroom table, where he passed away. My Mom and Dad still have the table in their house, even though they don't have the farm anymore. Considering the way he died, it is very possible that it could be him!! As a sidenote, these are scrapbook pages I did in the very beginning of my scrapbook career! The one of Richard Watson is special, because he very greatly resembles by cousin who is a bit older than me. When my Dad rec'd these family pictures we all were stunned at the resemblance of this man to my cousin!
So, who could it be? I still can't believe that we both had experiences years ago and never knew about each other's. What do you think??
Happy Monday, Keri


Shannon said...

How cool that you have pictures and such to tie two times together! I agree that your cousin looks very much like the man in the picture! WOW!!!

LBP said...

Hello Keri! Just stumbled onto your blog and loved reading thru.

I have never seen a "ghost" perse, but I experienced what is called a residual haunting. Where a scene in a time past plays out again in front of someone. It was really weird! I love Ghost Hunters!



Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

Fun post!!! I find it very intriguing that both you and your mom saw the same guy.. It leads me to believe that the guy is looking for someone who used to sleep in that room! I think if you research the women who lived in the house, and had that room, it might lead you to the mystery man...

I really love your layouts.. they are gorgeous...

Lisa Renéa said...

What a "cool" story!

Jean said...

I am a believer, haven't seen any but I feel a presence in my own home sometimes. He passed here in the house. As long as they aren't angry I'm ok!

Jean said...

I am a believer, haven't seen any but I feel a presence in my own home sometimes. He passed here in the house. As long as they aren't angry I'm ok!

~Lisa~ said... story.

On a side note, your uncle/cousin also greatly resemble one of my cousins!! Are we related? :)