Thursday, August 07, 2008

Camp Update...

Hello from camp! It finally stopped raining long enough to take a picture of our camp, along with a couple more photos of special things in the past week! This is a gorgeous Amish made basket I was given for volunteering my evenings scooping GALLONS of ice cream at the snack bar here on the campgrounds. A 4 year old boy made this basket! He signed the bottom-you can see it below...what a treasure!

This was the fabulous party favor I got at my cousin's baby shower last Sunday. Isn't it darling? My stunning Auntie made homemade peppermint patties to fill each box. They were divine!! They were as big and thick as oreo cookies!!

Last but not least, here is our lot at camp. The building on the left is the cottage my mother in law was getting rid of and gave us, if we wanted it. We moved it in two pieces, and had to re assemble the roof. It was a lot more work than we anticipated. It has a full bathroom on the end, and the main room has a futon, and a set of bunks. Cody has taken up residence in the cottage.

Camp has been wonderful so far. I will be here until Monday morning, when I pack up and move back home. The rain has been a trial, but it is nice to sit back and read and relax a bit. See you soon!


Lisa Renéa said...

Keri! I love it! Quaint!! The red roof is I have a place (even if I have to share with the Code Man) for when I come up to visit! I can't wait to share a bit of my recent camping experiences with you. Hugs to ya, girlie! Thanks for your well wishes and support! Hi to the Code Man & Ted!!

TMTCO said...

That basket is beautiful! I can't believe it was made by a four-year-old. The only thing my four year old makes is a mess! :-) Great blog! I like the buzz and bloom sneak peek!

helmet hair 365 said...

The basket is beautiful--I can't believe it was made by a four year old, either.

And I love the cottage! It looks like a playhouse. How fun!

Helena said...

Oh wow! Cool basket!