Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ever see a smilin' salamander??

No?!?! Well, my friend, this is your lucky day!

I keep saying the wildlife pics are dwindling, then I come back with something else I have found! We were all outside over the weekend, and Cody looked down and under my chair, this little guy was truckin it across the grass!! We have seen salamanders from time to time, but usually they are under piles off wood, somewhere moist and dark. This one was right out in the open! Peter and I saw another one a few years ago that was at least double the size of this one, if not bigger. HUGE!! I wanted to take a few pics, to share with you. This little guy sat right up on Cody's hand and it looked just like he was grinning at my camera! Just another example of the Lord's work! And of course, my cutie patootie had to get his mugg in the shot, too!

I was also the very fortunate recipient of a new stamp set today! A while back, a fellow SCSer, Dini, got in touch with me for some input on a stamp set she was designing for Our Daily Bread Designs. She found me, because I head up a card ministry at my church. I told her that one stamp I had always thought was a great one, but that I could never find, was one for churchgoers who haven't attended church, and were missed by the congregation. She took my suggestion into consideration, and made a stamp in her set that says "You have been missed"!! As a thank you, she had a set of the stamps sent to me. It is a beautiful set, and I am so proud and pleased to have it! Thanks, Dina! You can visit Dina's Blog HERE! Her work is gorgeous, her blog inspiring! Here is a link to the stamps! I think they are great! Check out the retail site, their stamps are beautiful!
That is it from Northern NY! Have a good one!


glitzen said...

Ooh, I am going to go check out her blog. What an honor, to inspire a stamp! Too cool. That would be a good stamp for me, as president of our homeschool group. I hope I can order some!

dini said...

Aww...I so appreciated your input! Hope you will enjoy the set, and that it will be a blessing to you, and others through your ministry.

Dina @ mamadinis

Lisa said...

He is so cute!

BIG congrats on the new stamp set and having your phrase forever immortalized in rubbah. LOL That must be a really cool feeling... way to go, girlie!


Lisa said...

He is so cute!

And BIG congrats on the new stamp set, and for having your phrase forever immoratlized in rubbah! LOL That must be a really cool feeling... way to go, girlie! :)

Lisa said...

PS - LOVE the new blog look, too! :D

Tanya said...

Awww, SO cute! I love him!

manicstamper said...

OMG....I would have seven kinds of fit if I saw one of those in my garden.....that is scary....lol!!!

Melissa said...

OMG my son would have LOVED to have seen that salamander....we don't get those here in OK. The ones we have here are TEENY TINY.

onepriestonenun said...

I love salamanders. That's amazing. :) Thanks for sharing.

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