Sunday, September 07, 2008

More Camp Photos...

Good Sunday evening, fellow bloggers! I thought I would share a few more pictures from camp. Hard to believe it has been a month already. I am feeling kinda melancholy tonight, it is getting dark so much earlier, the temps are dipping down, and Cody is back in school. Not to mention all the wood we are putting up for winter! We are up to about 15 of the 20 needed cords of wood.
I miss camp! I miss the warmer temps, the laid back feeling, the gathering of loved family and friends we see once a year, and the closeness I feel to the Lord on that sacred ground. I wish I could box up that feeling and take it with me all year long. Then it wouldn't feel so special, though, would it? I have been attending this camp since 1975, when I was a newborn. I have not missed one year. My parents, grandparents and great grandparents on both sides attended this camp meeting. It is a very special place to me. So here are some pics that my new bud Brenna sent me-I will tell you more about that firecracker soon!
This is the snack bar where I spent most of my evenings. It opens in the afternoons after VBS and at night after evening service. Mooers Camp is an Interdenominational Holiness Campgrounds, this year was it's 105th year. (I think!) Everyone is welcome. Doesn't matter what church you go to!
Anyway, during the afternoon, they sell candy, chips, sodas, freeze pops.
But in the evening.....we cook!! Besides all that was listed above, we also had hamburgers/cheeseburgers, hot dogs, michigans, (both glazier and regular that is), nachos, cheese fries, french fries, poutine, beaver tails, and ice cream. I was the offical scooper of ice cream for 7 nights. I was recently informed that in those 7 nights, I scooped 31 GALLONS of icecream!! That is like 6 five gallon pails!! That is insane!! It was fun, though. I enjoyed the work.

This is the inside of the tabernacle. When the camp was first started, they had ring meetings, where people would stand on the ground, or up on a platform outside, and people would sit in chairs, stand, or sit on the ground and listen. This building is very old, but very well built. The bats like to hang out up in the rafters, so a week before camp, the local fire department comes in and sprays down the inside, to get rid of all the "guano" before camp starts. Can you tell I watch Animal Planet?? Dirty Jobs?? *smile*
There is also a big old dining hall. It seats at least 100 people. This is Rev. and Rev. Kent and Juanita Brooks. AKA My brother and sister in law! Yup, they are both pastors!! They are also directors of the camp. With them is Zeb wanting some real people food!

Here is my niece Beatrice showing off her spaghetti supper. The cook at the dining hall really knows how to cook good food for large numbers...Isn't she cute??
And last but certainly not least is Meems. Miriam. Mimi. I call her Meems. She is a TORNADO!! You know that Travis Tritt song-T-R-O-U-B-L-E! That is her...she keeps everyone busy!! Look at that adorable face!!

Unfortunately,nothing to share of Rachel and Liz-as they are older and try not to hang around too much with the lame parents or nerdy Auntie with the camera. I hoped you liked my little tour of Mooers Camp Meeting. I have a cute layout almost done and ready to share!!

Have a good night,



Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

Let's chat about that snack shack! Are those icicles hanging off the top??
And, what is poutine and beaver tails? Eh????
What UP!!!

Fun photos and I love your description of that special feeling...
There's no place like home!

KraftyKerilou said...

Hey Andi-
I have no idea what that is, they are not icicles-now I am wondering!
Poutine is a Quebec creation-fries with cheese curd and sauce. The fry sauce in like a brown gravy. Cook up your fries, add some chopped up cheese curd, and top with the gravy. You will never eat ketchup again!
Beaver tails is our word for fried bread dough. Another yummy, eh?

Annie said...

She is darling and I can see trouble in them eyes. Great pics.


Tanya said...

How neat! That place looks exactly like the camps from the movies that I always wished I could go to as a child! How fun!

Lisa Renéa said...

Oh so much fun! I can't believe how lil Zeb has grown! Love seeing these pics! Have you seen that new Mr. Campy pp? I noticed it somewhere know how I feel about camping...yet here I sit, right? Well not today, maybe next week, LOL. btw...your family has the most gorgeous children!!