Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New Followers Feature & Buzz and Bloom!

FYI- I posted a new Buzz and Bloom project on the blog! In honor of their 5th birthday, I made a birthday card, and a congratulations card. CLICK HERE if you want to see them!!
Here is a sneak peak:

Buzz and Bloom will be having an interactive birthday celebration very soon to celebrate, so check back for details very soon!

Also, Blogger has added a new feature called "Followers" They announced it a few weeks ago, but has finally showed up! So if you want to be one of my followers, click on the link on the right hand margin. If you want to add this gadget to your blog, go to your layout page and click 'add a gadget' and it will add it to your margin for you. Can't wait to be someone's follower!!

Have a great night, everyone!



glitzen said...

what a cutie pie card! you are inspiring me. i have scrapped only one page all summer. might go on a scrapping weekend though!

Tanya said...

How cute! I don't scrap anymore, but I still admire other people's cards and pages :)

Annie said...

This is darling. You do such great work.


Annie said...

This is darling. You do really great stuff.