Monday, December 29, 2008

Another couple of gifts!

Are you getting sick of show and tell, yet? Well, first off, this was my FAVORITE present this Christmas. My son went and got this all on his own, and that makes it the best. I collect Boyd's Bears, and this one has it all, It says Super Mom and it has glitter in the fur. What more could a gal ask for? Oh, and she has a cape!! Code thought she needed to sit up in a little chair on my worktable. Isnt' she cute??

Now, I also got a little surprise in the mail today! Annie--from Annie's Ponderings, a dear friend of mine, makes these adorable baby hats. I commented a while back ago, how they were so cute that I would wear one of them. I am a *big* fan of hats. SO, guess what I got today in the mail? Annie's first adult sized hat! If you want to visit Annie's blog, click here!! Annie is a fabulous sketch artist, rubber stamper, knitter-she does it all! Now I have to admit, I am not much for photos of ME, but I put those feeling aside and am doing this for Annie. Cody decided to get in on the pic, too. The hat is so cute!! Thank you SO MUCH, Annie!!

Last but certainly not least, this is probably the most interesting presentation of a gift that I have gotten in a while. My brother and his wife and family live on a farm, and raise most of their own meat and vegetables. He is also a Hospice CEO of two counties, and they are both ordained ministers. They do it all! And they have 5 kidlets! They have beef, chickens, and pigs. Every Christmas, we do a family gift, and our family always gets a big box of meat, frozen,or canned, or something that we can always use and is greatly appreciated! This year, we got canned pork. If you have ever had canned meat, you know how good it is. As a farm kid raised on canned beef, I can attest to how tasty and tender meat is that has been canned. So, while our gift this year was canned pork, the piggies were still in the barn. So this is what we got, to let us know what was coming. I took a pic from each side of the jar. Are they too funny, or what?!

I told them as soon as they handed me the jar that it was DEFINITE blog material!

So tell me, have you had canned meat? Did you LOVE IT??

Have a great night!!



michelle cook infantino said...

I bet that bear was the highlight of your Xmas!

Annie said...

Your bear is darling and so are you in the hat!! You got some really nice gifts.


tina said...

Awww- the bear is really sweet- and you look great in that hat! I don't think I've ever had canned meat- but pork is my favorite, I'd give it a try :)