Sunday, December 21, 2008

Holiday Decorating, Part I

Hello, everyone, and welcome to my virtual tour of Holiday decorations!! I went around the house yesterday, and took a bunch of pictures in the daylight, then went back and took some in the dark, with the Christmas lights turned on. This is only a portion of the decorations, I plan on returning these next few days with more-it is WAYYY too much for one post! This first tree is a 4 foot one, in our kitchen. It has c7 bulbs on it, and it holds all the ornaments from my Grandmother, and Peter's grandmother. The very fragile, antique glass ones?? Yeah, those.

Here it is, in the dark...

Here is a look into my Christmas village. Doesn't it feel like you are right there?? I love my village-I got all the pieces unfinished, plain white, and painted them. I added a couple each year, and now have a large collection!

I keep my village on our antique kitchen cupboard. I *love* my cupboard! It hold dry goods in the top, and various stuff like shoes, plastic bags, and placemats and tablecloths in the bottom.

This is a closeup of the adirondack woodsy kind of tree we have in the trophy room. I got the cute little mittens off ebay, and I added a lot of rusty ornaments, bells, grapevine wreaths, pip berries, and bows. It has many, many pinecones and white lights on it, too!

Here is what it looks like in the daytime:

And here is what it looks like in the dark! Brodie was sniffing the presents, cause I wrapped her doggie treats yesterday!!

I hope you like my tour so far! There is more to come, so make sure to visit again soon!
Have a great week!

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glitzen said...

Oh Keri, I love your trees! We have three trees; one outside tree, one living room tree that all the presents go under, and then the girls chop their own tree as well. Their tree is in the dining room, and it has all handmade ornaments on it. I love trees and want five or more next year, all with different themes. Your rustic tree ROCKS. Love it.