Sunday, December 28, 2008

My New Bag!!

About a year ago, I was introduced to a great new home-based party company. It is called Tresa Leigh Designs, and they make custom handbags. You can call it a "purse party." This is not one of those cheap knock off parties, though. My friend Peggy is a demo for this company, and I got a cute little bag from them a year ago. Well, she surprised me with another one, for Christmas! She knew I had some patterns and a certain bag all picked out, so she gifted it to me! Needless to say, I was so excited! If you would like to visit the website for TONS of information about Tresa Leigh Designs, {{CLICK HERE}}. Part of every sale goes to Trichotillomania awareness and research. They offer a wide variety of fabric swatches and trim swatches to choose from, as well as MANY different designs of bags to fit your needs. The one below, is the one I just received. It is the Holly, with a zip closure and pockets outside, and inside. You choose your main fabric, your accent fabric, and your trim. They make the bag, and your demo delivers it to you! It is so much fun choosing your swatches and seeing what combinations you come up with, look like when your bag arrives! There are many different patterns, some vibrant, (like me!!) and some more subdued. The colors are a bit off in the bottom photo, but I LOVE the greens and blues combination. I even showed you the inside, where you choose a lining fabric!

This second one is my first bag, bought a year ago. Another bright and wild one! This one is the Petunia. I again, took a pic to show you the inside lining fabric I chose.

Everywhere I go, people comment, compliment, and ask me about my bags! They are really nicely made, and very sturdy. Check out their website, and if you ever decide to get one, tell them Peggy (and Keri) sent you!!


Mary said...

Those are some of the nicest bags I've seen. They are really cute! TFS!

glitzen said...

what a cute idea, and pretty bags! Love that you get to choose, so you can get creative.

JudyB said...

I love them both. Does Peggy have catalogs? Or, do you just order on line?