Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Decorations, Part II

This is our family tree, in our livingroom. It is another artificial one, 7.5 feet tall. We put multi colored lights on this one, and it is laden with everything and anything you can imagine, from Hallmark ornaments to cartoon characters, to German Stars and ornaments Peter and I had as children. I keep saying that it is not possible to add another ornament to it, and I always end up putting more new ones on, every year! The first photo is of the tree, in the dark, with the lights plugged in. Not the greatest pic, but you get the idea!

The topper for this tree is a Boyd's Bear, dressed as a Santa, and he hugs the tree top. I think if I add one more ornament, the tree may tip over! Due to the maniac dogs, it is wired to the wall. I put it on the ledge, between the livingroom, and the porch, so I can decorate *almost* all the way around. We can see it from both rooms that way, too~! The lattice work barricade you see in the background is puppy confinement! She has managed to break two windows in her short life, and sometimes we need a
break!! I hope you like all my trees, I hope to be back with a few more photos tomorrow!

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michelle cook infantino said...

this is my favorite of your trees. it tells the story. i think i see room for more! lolololol. i love full trees.