Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Greetings!!

Can you believe it has been more than a week? I tried to update all day yesterday, but blogger was not cooperating with me! Things around here have been pretty crazy these past couple of weeks. School is wrapping up for Cody, and he will be a freshman in the fall! Hard to believe! My daycare kids will be with their teacher/moms all summer, but I picked up a new daycare job that will start next week, so I will be as busy as ever! It is such a huge blessing, and relief to have employment through the summer, though!
I added a new header to my etsy store. It is not the permanent one, but better than the one I have, so let's just call it the "interim" header. I have added some of my paper star ornaments to my store, as you can see below. I will be added three dozen more, hopefully, today! Depends on the kids..You know how that goes. I also have another idea floating around in my head, thanks to Geri from the SaddlePotatoes blog (linked on right). I have some reclaimed church pew wood, and grainery wood, that I am going to put to good use, and paint up to put in my shop. Stay tuned to see the first creation! And thanks, G, for the inspiration!

Peter and Cody have been fishing every available minute they have...Now I need to figure out how to cook the stuff..not that I will eat it, but they will! Here they are with one of their most recent catches:

Cody's cousin miss Bea came for a visit last week, and she LOVES to smile for the camera, just about as much as she loves cousin Cody! Aren't they cute?

And last but not least, I bet *YOU * have never seen a killer cucumber before! Cody grew this cuke plant in tech class at school. The tech part was how they actually grew it-is some kind of water bottle apparatus with vermiculite and miracle grow. Pretty cool, actually. We transplanted it, and it was in the kitchen window, waiting for the last threatening frost to pass, when Peter came in one day and said---someone is choking your President...I was like..."WHAT??" He said it three times, when I finally came over to see what the heck he was talking about....apparently the cucumber doesn't feel very patriotic, cause he wrapped his killer tendril right around Uncle Sam's neck!! When Code came home that day and I pointed it out, he couldn't stop laughing...I asked him what kind of seeds they raise at that school of his! Uncle Sam was rescued, and will live to see another Independence Day!

That is it from here, have a great weekend everyone!!


Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

Hello Miss Keri Lou!
I love your stars!!! That plate you have them on??? We have tons of that stuff! It's our camping gear.. Plates, cups, platters, bowls and a coffee pot!
I might have to go dig it out to display it... Love your idea!!!
Man... A Freshman? Unreal!
Your men look so darn happy!!!
And, I hear you on the fish thing... I can handle two trout/summer... that's it...

take care!

glitzen said...

Oh BOY, I laughed SOOOO hard at the choking president!!! I love life's little jokes on us! Hee hee.
Thanks for the bloggy nod, I'm glad I asked for a barn sign then...grin! We will have to talk more about what you can do, what I have in mind, etc. I'm so excited to see all of your work! And that wood sounds wonderful.
I made fresh lake trout last weekend, and it was FAB. I just cooked it in the round in packets, with butter, dill, garlic, lemon, and fresh parmesan. Baked it! YUMMMMM.

Lisa Renéa said...

Your etsy shop is rocking! Love the fact, you've added the stars, so cool!