Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!!

Good Sunday morning, everyone, and Happy Father's Day to my father, and all the others out there...I thought I would first, share some photos that show the fathers that came before me, the reason I am here today!!
This is my Great Great Grandfather's family, on the family farm, circa 1870's.
John Brooks was his name, and believed to be from Nova Scotia. He is sitting in the chair, sporting the beard. This is the house I grew up in!
This is the next generation, my Great Grandfather, who you see on the far left. His name was Wallace Brooks. My grandfather is the one standing in the back-the middle man.
Next, we have my Grandfather, Lyle Brooks. My dad and his brother and all his sisters, and his Mom. Pa is in the back, Daddy is the younger boy.
This one is Daddy, with me and my brothers, a few years ago. 4, I think. Time for a new pic!
This is another one of Pa, my father's father--just cause I think it is cool!
This is my Mom's Dad and Mom-Papa has been gone for nearly 30 years, and Mom is gonna kill me for putting this in, but I came from him, too! This is the lovely Omi, who you all know and love!!
My Great Grandfather, Leonard Drown, my Grandma Brooks' father:
And last but certainly not least, Daddy and Pa, back before Pa passed, and we spent all of our holidays and celebrations in the nursing home. This one always makes me smile!
I come from a very long, very strong line of men, as you can see! My brothers are no exception. I just want to take this time to thank the strongest one, Daddy- for your kindness, your generosity, and your strength. You have always set a wonderful example, not just for me, growing up, but for Peter and Cody as well. You always do the right thing, (at least in my eyes) and you will never know how much I respect and love you. Thanks for being the best Daddy *EVER*!! I LOVE YOU!
Happy Father's Day!


glitzen said...

What a wonderful tribute...I loved all the pictures! You are very blessed to have good caring men in your life and in your childhood. I had the same blessings...and hope I never forget it!

kent said...

very nice sis