Sunday, April 11, 2010

The newest innovation in oxen headgear...

You are not gonna *believe* your eyes, this is such an awesome idea! all started a few weeks ago, after one of the big boys scraped up the other one with his horn one night. He had huge scratches all over his side, some of them even bloody. It happens from time to time, along with other horn related mishaps..Several people have been on the receiving end of a nasty blow to the melon while trying to get these big guys their fresh water. I have not, thank goodness, but I hear it will knock you to your knees. They don't do it on purpose, mind you, they are just SO BIG and there isn't a huge amount of room to maneuver inside the barn. Brock said something one day about putting metal tips on their horns, I am sure there is a name for them, that I don't know, but I said, well, in the meantime, just stick some rubber bouncy balls on the tips of their horns...then that turned into tennis balls...and we said--man, wouldn't it be funny if Pete came home from work some night, and went into the barn, only to find Jacob and Red with tennis balls on their horns?? We could act like we thought it was *THE* coolest idea, and were serious, and see if we could get him going. So being just before April 1st, we decided that would be a good day to try it. WELL, those darned buzzards looked SO FUNNY with those flippin' tennis balls on their heads, that we could hardly stop laughing long enough for Peter to notice them...well, once he did, he actually LAUGHED!! Most people who know Pete, know that it has to be REALLY FUNNY for him to although our trick didn't go off like we hoped, it was funny, and I got a couple cute photos!!




Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

You know, I see so many possibilities for Christmas!!!! Christmas ornaments, tassels having off... lots of ideas going here!!!

JudyB said...

I say leave them on. It may save someone some pain!

Anita said...

hahahaha! This is too much. It looks like a light bulb going off over their head because they had a bright idea!