Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spring on the English River...

Well, I have had my new camera for over a week now, and I gotta tell ya, I love it as much as I thought I would! The weather was gorgeous yesterday, and we were all crazy with getting stuff done. Here are a few pics from the last few days:
Our resident Canadian Geese couple that lives on our river bank. We just love to watch them raise their babies! Thank you, Kodak 26x zoom!!

And speaking of babies, what do you think of these two little pieces of heaven? Just look at those eyes!!

Here are a couple shots of my daffodils..they are going *crazy* these last few days..they are just so gorgeous-so many different colors and sizes. I take dozens of pictures of my daffodils every spring-this year is no different..I will spare you the pain of looking at them all-these are a few of my favorites! LOL

Humphrey and Hawkeye were *more* than excited to get outside for a snack yesterday...I swear, they have gotten SO BIG just in the last couple weeks! Their yoke barely fits any more, and we have to get a new one now! We do our best to make sure they are not bothered *at all* by our touch. Cody sits on them, we man handle their heads and horns, play with their legs, etc. Peter thought he would bug them yesterday while they ate..they weren't phased by him in the least!
Hoping for another nice day full of photo taking! Honey the dog has been here with us for a week-she is Kent's dog. But she won't sit still long enough to get her picture taken. SO...we are gonna try again today, as she goes home tomorrow afternoon. We will miss her!!
Have a blessed Sunday!


Annie said...

Some great snaps with your new camera. I love your flowers. I should plant those. I just have tulips.


JudyB said...

Loving it all! I take pictures of the spring flowers every year, too. Then I wonder if anyone else cares! Don't they look the same every year? Glad that you are enjoying the camera and nice weather. It has been raining here all morning. I was hoping to get the strawberries planted, but that isn't looking too hopeful at all!

glitzen said...

Wonderful pictures! Those geese are beautiful. And you could never show me enough pics of Daffodils, they are my FAVORITE flower!! They are so happy! :) Love the cows too, they look so cute and look like they are enjoying the new grass. Cutest team ever. :)

Sue McGettigan said...

How fun to have a new camera Keri! Love the babies, they are too cute, and your baby is looking VERY grown up!