Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Remember me??

Hey, all!! I AM alive!! Figured I better stick my head in and say hey! Things have been crazy around here!! I have to take care of a bit of business:
First off, I apologize, I have not been by to visit anyone's blogs in at least 2 weeks. Please forgive me! I will catch up, I promise!!
Second, I heard that Tracy and LR have both nominated me for something-so I will take care of that, too!
Third, I am completely behind on my arch challenges!! I am so bummed. Living in Upstate NY means you have a lot of preparation for winter...we are right in the middle of the prep. It is already freezing, and I find myself wondering HOW I will get through another winter. It gets harder and harder every year. I also had a SU! Workshop here over the weekend, and that took up a lot of my time. It went well, though!
Cody will be 12 on the 28th, so birthday plans are in full swing, as are Halloween festivities!! It seems like I am at least 2 weeks behind on everything! UGH!!
I did also want to tell you the Paperific went well for Buzz and Bloom last weekend, and you can now check out their whole new line of products here!! Their new clear stamps are a dream to work with, they take ink SO WELL!! And their new chipboards leave me speechless.
You can also check out the online album of all of the Design Team's work (including some stunning layouts by yours truly) with these new products by going here.. I have been anxious to share them with you all! And check out Buzz and Bloom's new DT call here... Last but not least, if you like what you see, urge your LSS or LRSS to look into getting Buzz and Bloom products in their stores! You will not be sorry! Have a good one! --Keri


Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

Hey there! I was thinking about you, honest... and figured you were up to your eyeballs in life!
Don't stress about your blogging buddies... we are always here for you!
The new header on your blog is beautiful!! WOW! Awesome fall leaves... cool stonework... and it looks like a cemetery at the top!
So, take a deep breath, savor what you can of fall, and know that you have another 'winter dreading pal' over here in Oregon! I can so relate to the winters getting worse and worse... is it age? Attitude? Our old bones????
Hang in there!!!
And I am sending you some over 32 degrees sunshine...

Tracy said...

glad to see you back missy. but you are a busy busy girl. and tell cody to stop getting older ok! (12... yegods... how did that happen) i took a look at your dt galery - loved the "thank you thank you so much" one :-) and othes - i just can't remember them all!