Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Is it spring yet??

Hello! I am here...starting to come out of hibernation! We had a very busy weekend and yesterday I worked all day and then had to take Cody to the podiatrist after school. We got word yesterday that Cody will most likely have to have surgery on his feet very soon. The "most likely" part involves our ongoing battle with health insurance. We are on a month to month basis, we find out towards the end of the month if we will have insurance the next month. The amount of $$ that Peter's employer puts up for his insurance is not as much as the premium. If we cannot cover the difference, we lose our insurance. So in another week or so, we will find out if we will have insurance, and if we can go forward with the surgery on Cody's feet. He has to have over a dozen plantar's warts removed, and will have to be put under for the surgery. As a Mom, I am freaking out!! That is where you all come in! I am asking for you to please pray for us! For the insurance situation, as well as the surgery itself. I am very upset about him having to go through this. I really need to know if this is the right thing to do. Please pray for us! Thank you!

So, here is the coolest idea I have found in a long time! I saw this on a SCS blog a few weeks ago, and knew it is exactly what I needed to hold all my large punches! It is just a curtain rod, on curtain brackets! Mine is fairly short, so it did not require a support in the center, I expect if it was longer, it would. Now I can see which punch is which, and grab it in a snap!!

Here is the front of a new sweatshirt I treated myself to as a bit of an early birthday present last weekend! My brother in law is not going to like this one at all!! We are John Deere fans-well, I AM! And my brother in law is a Case mechanic! Nuf said!!

Last, but certainly not least-here is Cody's new sled! We have been looking for a reasonably priced, decent running "beater" for him for a while. We finally found one! A 1989 Artic Cat Cougar! He is so excited. Now if the snow just hold on--**can't believe I just said that** for a bit longer, he can enjoy it. The things a mother will sacrifice for their young!!


Lizette said...

Wow ! That was a full post !
1st of all, sending prayers for you and your son. I hope all goes well. I'm going to pm you or email you a link to a site that I frequent. It's on msn. It's a parenting site that I belong to, thwy support each other, laugh together etc. I love it. Also, other parents ask questions (health, parenting etc) and members give their advice.

Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

Prayers coming your way!!!
Also, can he have surgery at one of the Shrine Hospitals? I think it is free....

Planters warts.. AG! My dd had one...took forever to get rid of the darn thing, and that was just one!!! It really hurt her foot and affected how she carried her body weight...
I feel for you darlin' and for Cody..

Judy said...

Well, now you have created another project for me!! That curtain rod is just what I need and I do believe that I have one or two (or three) laying around here and that would be so perfect!!! First thing on my agenda when we get home from our long weekend!!!

As you know we are thinking of you and Cody...we have been through that one!


Lisa Renéa said...

Look how cute Code-Man is on his power sled! That looks like alot of fun!
Love the sweatshirt! Thinking of ya'll. Hope everything works out for the best!! xo