Monday, March 03, 2008

My knight in Chevy armor!!

Well, March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb...RIGHT?? Here's hoping that is true!! Friday morning, we woke up to 22 BELOW zero....good grief, this is getting old...really, now..
So, our redneck plow does the trick most of the time, but the snow accumulation was enough that we needed to call in reinforcements. Daddy!! One of these contraptions is a MUST for living in Northern NY...We have the truck, but not the plow. (Something we are currently re-assessing!!)Of course, being the Brooks man that my Dad is, the plow job is never done until there is no snow left to push around...He had quite a time. Brodie had a ball watching him from the windows! As much as I love my dad, I really hope he won't have to come back to do this anytime soon! Now I have to cook up some sweets for payment!!

Now, to try to counteract the effects of all this snow, here is a layout I did several years ago. These are the daffodils in my front yard. I love this photo, and I can't wait to see them peek up in another few weeks!! For the record, it smells like spring today! Wet dirt!! Nothing like it. Have a great Monday! Keri


Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

Sigh... I love the green and yellow of the daffodils!
Your dad is awesome... send him my way! I can cook!! I like his plow job... ours is a bit, well, uneven...
It started snowing again tonight... Dang... not much... but not the spring I was hoping for after yesterday's big tease!

Jean said...

Your page is beautiful KeriLou!