Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happy Thursday!!

Good Morning, everyone! I know, it has been almost a week, and I have not blogged, or visited any of my favorites, either! Things have been super crazy around here, and I have also been trying to teach myself to crochet!
Our Columbus Day weekend was very busy, Peter helping my parents to put on a new roof, both Saturday and Monday. Sunday was devoted to helping Peter's parents put up some wood-like I know how to do THAT! And there was also a lot of hunting thrown in there, as black powder started on Saturday. Rifle starts this weekend, so I can literally kiss that hubby of mine goodbye! He stayed one night over the weekend at his new camp, and it went well! It was weird for me and Cody, though! I did manage to get a few pictures of our fall foliage during the weekend. Then some strong winds came on Tuesday and blew everything off the trees!

I found this little guy outside the camper out in the woods. He was so cute, and very mellow!!

Things will be picking up around here with a certain 13th birthday a couple weeks away, as well as Halloween. That huge SU! order is expected early next week, so let the stalking of the UPS man begin!! Plus, I need a few things in that order to finish my trick or treats! LOL!
I have also been successful in learning the basics of crochet! All I wanted to do was learn the basics to be able to make dishcloths and scrubbies. I have made two dishcloths so far, and two scrubbies from nylon netting. I will post pics very soon!
Have A Great Day!


glitzen said...

Beautiful pics! And cute little critter.
I am stalking the mail man too, waiting for my "school pictures" from Shutterfly.
Lucky you...Stampin UP! Cool. I made 25 stamped thank you cards for local businesses who support 4-H, and it took me half the day. I will post one on my blog maybe.

Sue McGettigan said...

Cute little frog!! My son used to have such a thing about frogs, this pic is adorable :)