Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Mish Mash Wednesday!!

Good Wednesday morning, everyone!! I have quite an array of goodies to share with you today, a little bit of everything!
First off, I neglected to let you know a couple of days ago, that my newest project is up over at Buzz and Bloom! CLICK HERE if you would like to check it out! It is a Halloween Project, complete with treat, card, and bag! Also, the countdown is on over at Buzz and Bloom for the new products release!! CLICK HERE for more info!

This weekend we hit a milestone at our house, Cody got his first hunting license!! He came through the door last Saturday with THE biggest grin from ear to ear! It is a small game license with a trapping endorsement on it. Looks like all of those HOURS of courses he took paid off! He and his Dad took the trapping course back in the spring, and were both able to get their trapping license this fall! Something new for both of them!

I also finally got to visit the final resting place of Peter's hunting camp(er) this weekend. He put shelf liner in the drawers and cupboards!! He was a regular Martha Stewart! All I have to say is this--it is amazing how domesticated he can be when he wants to....So here he is working away while I was freezing-trying to be the good, and interested wife!!
And here the camper is, out in the middle of really isn't that far from his Mom's house, just looks really wooded...This is where my other half will be for the next 2 months every chance he gets!
I saved the best for last, I got a secret sister surprise in the mail yesterday!! I gotta say, whoever this sis is, she knows me pretty well, and also knows my love for the word "wicked" cause she sent me an adorable pair of wicked witch socks, a cute pumpkin pouch with a "wicked" rubber stamp in it, and a perfect secret pal halloween card. She really is something, whoever she is!! I love surprises, and you know Moms don't usually get too many, so this was the highlight of my day! If you are reading this, Secret Sister, THANKS!!
Thanks for visiting, and have a great day!


Jody said...

I guess Cody's got a pretty itchy trigger finger and can't wait to use that new license! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

I gotta tell ya, I love your blog!!! It reminds me so much of my own family! I am definately bookmarking!!

Lisa Renéa said...

I have to say CONGRATS to the CODE MAN! Yeah! What a great lil hunting lodge, Ted has! Looks really nice!
As the owner of a new camp trailer, I still can't believe you wrangled this puppy up for free! So cool, and I'm so jealous!
(btw, I had to enlarge the Code-Man's pic, so I could see what color his hair was this week!-LOL) Happy Fall, Ya'll!

Lisa Renéa said...

Just checked out your bb project. Super coordinating! Excellent stamping on the project, too. OH, I love how there are no FBI/CIA codes on your blog, now! WOO HOO!