Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween 2008!!

Happy Halloween everyone!! Hope everyone is having a fine Friday! I have the kiddos here with me today, so everything is a mess!! Before I show you my Trick or Treats, can I just say, that is anyone knows where my brain went (aka my Charlie Brown spiral bound notebook) please let me know! I can't find that thing anywhere and I NEED it! It holds all my lists of things I cannot forget! Okay, now back to business!
These are my 2008 Trick or Treats. We live in a very remote area, so we only get about half a dozen TOTers. All close friends and relatives. So I can "go out" a little bit and make something special.
I made these bat cookies last night, iced them with royal icing, and sugared them with black crystal sugar.

They are SO GOOD! I packaged them in clear sleeves with an adhesive strip. I also found these cool suckers with pumpkins on them. They are on extra long bouncy straw sticks. Cute!!

I also made these cute little tins for my daycare babies. They are sold at Michael's, and they are the perfect size for circle punchouts in the "windows". They hold a good amount of small candy. I used M&M's, but Skittles would work, too!
I taped the edges to make sure they wouldn't pop open.

For my bigger ToTers tonight, I made nugget boxes. You can find instructions and template for many different sized nugget boxes at
The one I made holds 8, 2 rows of 4. I covered the nuggets with 1x3 inch pieces of halloween patterned paper, and placed them in the box. The cover sleeve I made out of clear report cover material. I embellished with a cute halloween tag using circle punches, and tied it with some funky orange yarn.

I also have popcorn balls to make, but those are best done fresh, so I won't do them until after work this afternoon.

Well, here's hoping you have a festive evening!
Tomorrow is Cody's party, so we are looking for good weather!


glitzen said...

Wow! What a lot of work! We don't get trick or treaters, but we bought caramels for our hot cocoa and munched on a few. Your treats and stamping treatment were adorable. What are nuggets? Is that a regional thing? Up here it means something else entirely...hee hee. (moose nuggets=doo doo)

Sue McGettigan said...

Keri these are totally adorable!! I'm a little jealous, we get tons of trick-or-treaters, but no-one in Los Angeles will take a home-made treat, if they do it has to be thrown out!! So we handed out wrapped candy, but how fun it must be to make and hand out the treats you did!!

katiesniche said...

I love all your Halloween treats! The tins are just way to cute! I'm sure that they were loved by all!!