Sunday, November 02, 2008

Duck, Duck, GOOSE!!

The birthday boy got his first goose yesterday!! I was on my way home from the grocery store early yesterday morning when my phone rang...
Cody: "Hey MOM!!"
Me: "Hey, Bud!"
Cody: "Guess what?? I got one!!"
Me: "One WHAT?" (hey, it's a VALID QUESTION!! could've been anything from a chipmunk to a bear!!)
Cody: " A goose you had to ask...."
Me: " Yeah, yeah, I know...GOOD FOR YOU!!! Mama will be home soon!!! Did you take pictures yet???"
Cody: " Um NO! I want to wait for YOU!!"
Still my baby!! Anyway, here is my big guy with his Daddy and his goose. First kill with his 20 gauge. Boy, was papa proud!!

We did have Cody's birthday party yesterday. I am still recovering! Watch for a post about the treasure hunt this week. Hope everyone had a blessed weekend. We did!


Sue McGettigan said...

So Keri, do you have to come up with good recipes for Goose at this point?? Congrats to Cody, I'm not a hunter chick but I can see that this is a rite of passage for Cody (and Peter :) Cute that he still wants to wait for his Mama to take the photo, don't you love this age?

Lori Barnett said...

great pics :)