Thursday, November 06, 2008

Digital Scrapbooking!?

So, I have finally stuck my big ol' toe in the digital scrapbooking waters!! I downloaded a bunch of freebies a while back, and the mood struck me last night to try my hand at it. I have been slowly gathering necessary knowledge of techniques here and there, and finally learned and practiced enough to do my first set of pages!! I will never go to digital 100%, I love the smell of paper and glue too much, but this is a really great idea for getting a lot of photos in albums in a short period of time. As time has gone by, my paper scrapbooking has been more of a way to showcase some of my favorite photographs, instead of a way to just chronicle our events. With the digital, I can scrap all of those years worth of Christmas photos and get them into an album. The photos are scrap worthy, but not faboo, kwim? So here are my first two attempts. I printed them out 6x6 and they are already in an album! My first goal is to see how many Christmas layouts I can get done with my 4 years worth of Christmas photos currently on my computer!! I have always had a hard time scrapping Christmas, so this has been working good so far!! Please, remember, I am very green at this. What do you think???



Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

Yeah!! What a great idea!!!

Anonymous said...

These are did wonderful digital work!

glitzen said...

First of all, GREAT JOB! I really want to learn digi scrappin too, someday.
Second, you are very "green" at it, good pun. Hee hee. I had to comment on that one.
Third..six by six? I never thought of doing that size digitally. I am currently doing a six by six of Dandelion. Love that size.
Good luck. I hate doing Christmas pages for some reason too. Messy backgrounds, bed heads, hee hee.

Mellan :) said...

I think these are excellent! Doesn't look at all like a "first effort"! You'll have a Christmas album that you and your family will have fun to look through.
Mellan :)

Babsarella said...

Love the wonderful layouts!! So cool that you already have them in an album too!!

Lisa Renéa said...

I love both of these! I'm in the club of hard to scrap, Christmas, too. I've tried digi..just can't do it. These look professional! Your SO smart!